It's getting hotter and hotter. For more audio journalism and storytelling, download New York Times Audio, a new iOS app available for news subscribers. g. earlier. (Here, we pronounce the final “s” in plus. .

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    . . de plus en plus haut. If it’s not the case, other expressions are more appropriate.

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    avant, antérieurement. nec plus ultra translate: ultimate. From French, meaning "the more things change, the more they remain the same.

    The idiomatic expression tout aussi is used to mean “just as” or “every bit as.

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    = The workers don’t want to work in the evening anymore. .

    He has about 10 computers.

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This is how we end up saying: Il y a plus de fromage.

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    de plusieurs façons. . When plus plus is an adverb meaning “the more the more“: 1) When the word following plus starts with a consonant, it is pronounced “plu“: Examples: – Plus nous voyageons, plus. . three children plus a dog trois enfants plus un chien.

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    lawlessfrench. .

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    plus de" which means "no more". Experience in sales is a plus.

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    I don't eat much. . . Singapore and France. dépoétisaient.

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    ”) Elle en veut plus. .

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    ni plus ni moins no more, no less. " In.

de poche.

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When it is used as a negative adverb (meaning "no more"), it is usually pronounced [ploo]. . What does sans plus mean in French? sans plus. .

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Il ne travaille plus ici. Generally speaking, when plus has a positive meaning (e. .

" or "I don't know any more about it.